I use Win98SE and began having problems after downloading a
particular video and/or installing ACE Mega Codecs. Have removed
as much as I could find, rolled back WMP9 at least a dozen times,
reinstalled OS at least 3 times, run all the freeware registry cleaners, antivir and spyware programs.

Any media player simply freezes when trying to play a video file, which
includes WMP9, Media-PlayerClassic/RealAlt., Quicktime and a few other
freeware players. Is probably a script or conflict from the Ace codecs.
Found zero help at the msn forums whose only advice is upgrade to XP.
A freeware video debugger would be helpful.

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Tell me. When the Media Players freeze, does it remain frozen till you reboot, or do you get control of the system after sometime. Also, when the MP freezes, can you launch other apps?

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