I have an older computer, Compaq Presario 4770 with a Pentium 200 processor, 32 MB RAM, running Windows 98. I am looking for FREE firewall and antivirus programs that will run on my system. I have tried Avast, AVG, and Zone Alarm, but they all require a faster processor and won't work properly. I cannot afford upgrading or buying new. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can try?

you need to get legacy versions of AV packages, like norton A/V 4 or 5

Hello ,this link may have something you are looking for in older versions of firewall programs .check the security section .

With reference to my last message. My system isn't much better than yours W98, Pentium 266, (but I have 256 MB of RAM) and I have no problems at all with Avg or Zone Alarm

PS:- I have just checked the Avg web site and minimum requirements are 486 processor, 32 MB RAM, 30 MB free disk space. It may be your RAM that's causing problems.