I am receiving multiple (6-12) emails each day which have no Sender, no Receiver, No Subject, Sent = None, and when looking in options, has no Header information (it is blank).
My impression is that these are being generated from within the Win XP Pro system, either by Outlook 2003, or an errant application which is sending them directly to Outlook, and not through the POP account.
There are no attachments, and their size is listed in the sub KB range (~ 560 B) which seems small for any email to me. All Security updates are current and have been applied.
This is not the listed email problem in the MS Knowledge Base, where the body of the email is missing. These emails are completely blank, without even a sent time and date.
I cannot filter them out with Outlook, as it does not have a setting I can find to filter email without also restricting BCC mailings (i.e.; I am not listed in the TO: box, etc.).
Better yet, I would like to know where these are coming from.
I have attached pictures of the email listed, an open email, and the Internet Header of the open email.

No Reply - Perhaps no one reads these...

Anyway, perhaps this will help someone somewhere -

Found that the Security Updates for the OS had been correctly downloaded, but the Office Updates (Office 2003) which Outlook is a part of, were not. There must be a conflict between the newly installed updates, and Outlook WAS sending (or attmepting to send) something and the OS was catching it and getting only part.

No more emails without Header info here.

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