Hi can any one help me with this? I experienced this before even during Win XP days. Now itback again in my Win7 ulti 64bit. Usually happens on Java and adobe LR installers n the likes. Im not that good with technicalities, hope fully a basic n idot proof fix. Thanks!!!

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I do come across this with some packages as they do not like to be run from network drives or other non-local drives. Copy the utility to a local folder on the local hard disk and then try to run it, then it should install ok.


I've never seen this error message myself, but try re-downloading the file, maybe from a different source, tweaking compatibility options, running it as administrator, or even taking ownership of the installer file.


anyone??? I even tried to run it as administrator but still no luck


i used win7 for years and never got that problem so i can't help much by experience but i did some quick googling.

i found this youtube video. according to the comments some of them got the problem some of them didn't maybe you'll be lucky?

i also came across the winxp forum for this problem and apparently .msi is corrupted/damaged.

some people posted on win7 forum about this problem but as usual some works some dont. Hopefully out of the many soultions given one will work for you.

Good Luck!

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