Hi everyone!

I use Windows 8.1 as my system but i have a lot of problems that i didn't know how to solve theme :

1 : he told me that the driver is not installed correctly so that when I updated windows told me it is perfect and the next start I have the same problem.

2 : I use 2 monitors sometimes the system does not detect the 2nd screen ??? i do not know why ???

3 : the cursor, sometimes it changes its shape, or it stops working completely ???

4 : start becomes too long although I formatted the pc there's just there 2 weeks !!!!

Do You know any solutions for these problems ??? please help me , it's drive me crazy :'(

Thank You very much for any help

One of the worst annoying problems are the annoying flashing screen which is annoying!

  1. Your driver maybe not compatible with Window 8.1. Try to use default driver after a fresh install Window.
  2. Your display driver. Check it for updates.
  3. What you means by, start becomes too long ?