I am, well, just an owner of a DELL Dimension 8250. A while back I was browsing my folders on this machine, and came across an application that made it possible for me to add a message when Dell was booting up. Well, now, I don't need that message anymore, but I can't find where I found that application to create this. The message box comes up with "DELL" at the header, and below is the message that I had entered a while back.

My goal is very simple, I JUST WANT TO GET RID OF THIS MESSAGE! Does anyone know where to find the application that created it? How about the name of the application? Once I find out it's location then I would have control over this problem of elimination.


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If the software came OEM from Dell, than you can go their support site http://support.dell.com and enter your service tag for a list of software that is appropriate for your system. If you do not know your service tag, but are using Internet Explorer, then it is possible to let the Dell website find your service tag for you. The instructions for doing so are on their website.

I know my service tag number, but that will not help me find the application's location in my hard drive, unless I know what it is called. This also applies to being able to find it on a Dell website. All I know is that it would be software that applies to the boot up process for Dell. I do remember the application saying "You can enter your own message during boot up, using this application".

Once you put in your service tag on their site, it gives you a list of certain software that came with the computer. Mostly drivers, but also BIOS utilities, and other MISC things, quite possibly including the software that you are talking about. It doesn't include things like your Norton Antivirus trial, or whatever else, but it does include Dell branded utilities. The tool that you are talking about is probably a part of that "Dell branded utility" category.

Thanks for the info. I finally found out where the unwanted message was hidden. It was hidden in the Registry, in HKEY_Local_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Policies/System
>legalnoticecaption "DELL COMPUTER" (I don't know why, but a smiley took the place of "(DE)LL" above). I just tried to remove it to the bottom)
>legalnoticetext : Greetings! Welcome to .........
The two above lines were deleted, and it did the job.

Thank you all for your input. I only wish that I knew the name of the application that created the application. More than likely, even if I were to look at it, I most likely would not recognize it by name. But it seems that it was placed in a location that would probably be utilized by an OEM that wants to enter some legal nocices while the system is booting up. Again, I had to teach the Dell "Experts" how to do it. They did better than the MS "Experts". They got closer to the problem, but not directly at it. They did succeed to give me an idea on how to look for the location of the problem, and thus correct the unwanted message.

I had to chastise the "Dell Expert" into cutting into the chase and to quit reading his troubleshooting script. This was not the problem of a broken computer, but an application problem. If he didn't know or couldn't do it, to please upgrade it to a higher level where someone would know for for sure. The next day, I recieved a more direct approach to the problem. The way that he was doing it, would have taken "ages" to find the problem via email.


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