Ok, so I missed the entire Nascar race today trying to figure out why I couldn't listen to the scanner which uses J2SE Runtime Environment.
In my add/remove programs it shows that this is installed. I uninstalled/reinstalled (3times) but when I try to use the scanner function it asks to install J2SE. Also, when I click the Java icon in the control panel I get a message that it can't find the registry key. There is no Java Sun listing in the Advanced tab either.
The Java Sun website is basically worthless as it offers no solution or any phone number for tech support tho' I did send a help email.
I'm guessing that it is not installing correctly but as I have limited computer knowledge I am stuck!!!
So do any of you have a suggestion!!?

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Alrite, several things.

First, which OS are ya running?

Secondly, specifically which 'scanner' are ya using?


Running Windows XP 2002 SP2 IE6

Scanner is through Nascar.com Raceday Scanner/Trackpass

I have had a couple of emails back and forth with Java support, but so far not much help.

It appears that an old version of Java didn't uninstall all of the way hence the Java icon that is unclickable in Control Panel. Java peoples latest email says to try to delete the registry key but I haven't quite figured out how to accomplish that without screwing the whole damn computer up ya know!?

So that is where I am at the moment! I'm hoping to get this fixed ASAP so I don't miss any more race convos!!!

Hmm, this is sorta a shot in the dark, but I think it'd be wise to try:

try reinstalling the 'old' version of Java that was on your computer (that didn;t uninstall all the way). Now, uninstall it using the built in uninstaller.

Now, visit Java's website and try to download the lastest then.


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