Halo guys,

I have encountered a problem with my MSN Messenger 6.2 which I downloaded recently. It worked fine for a couple of days. But for the past 2 days, it starts to disconnect itself automatically after a few minutes, and I have to re-connect it manually (sometimes it re-connects automatically). A few minutes after re-connection, the same problem returns, and is getting quite annoying.

I wonder what went wrong..... I am using ICQ 4.1 at the same time.....
Is there any settings that I have to make to MSN Messenger? I am running Win XP Pro & ZoneAlarm Firewall.

Please advise.

Thank you.

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Halo antioed,

I am connected through my campus LAN. MSN Messenger worked well for the first few days of installation and ZoneAlarm firewall has already been in place before that. Nevertheless, I tried your suggestion & disabled ZoneAlarm, this does not help either.

This problem, in fact, occured only on Wednesday (8 Sep) & Friday (10 Sep - Today), while it worked fine on Thurs (9 Sep). Hence, it puzzles me.

Any advice to solve this problem is greatly appreciated.



Hi Alan, sounds like you might be intermittently losing connectivity or there are bursts in activity on the port MSN uses to send its keep-alives to stay logged in causing it to drop...seems likely on a campus LAN. I can't find much documentation on how MSN 6.2 handles keep-alives...maybe others here know, I'll post again if I can find info on that.


It's possible there were problems at Microsoft's end, as I've seen that happen. If it keeps happening after the next few days, I'd suspect it's on your end. Until then, I wouldn't worry too much. (For the record, I've had a few problems hitting Hotmail the same two days, which could indicate problems with Microsoft's Passport authentication servers used for both Hotmail and Messenger).

If it does keep up, Antioed knows his stuff, you're in good hands. ;)


Hi Guys,

Thanks for all your advice. :cheesy:

I apologize for taking so long to update u guys, as I was away for a week.

The problem I had with MSN Messenger 6.2 was only a temporary one. It's working perfectly fine now. I suppose the problem lies with the service provider's end in those few days.

I really love this forum, so many friends here are always so eager and willing to help those in need!! :D Thanks!!

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