maybe i'm the last guy to use microsoft word 97, but...

at some point, the word 97 spell & grammar check, along with the thesaurus [all under tools] is gone. spelling and grammar are grayed out under tools >> options.

i uninstalled word 97. then reinstalled it. but the problem hasnt been resolved. any suggestions???

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I haven't used it in years, so I can't really help you. You could look through the documentation, maybe you'll find something in there.

There are a few free alternatives though. Libreoffice, or Google docs for example. Or you can try out Latex for more professional documents.


A built in thesaurus might be nice, but I don't see a point to it over an online thesaurus.

It makes sense to have a built in spell check because a spelling error might go unknoticed. The same can't be said about a thesaurus though, since you'll need to use it actively.

If the thesaurus doesn't work with some old software, don't waist your time on on. Just use an online one.


thanks. but i use it for work as a union steward. one thing i don't have access too... the internet. can you believe that?

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