Hi All,

Wife's computer just had a crash. Dell Inspiron N5040. I got the disks from Dell and reinstalled the system on a new HD.

Starting the recovery process by putting things back in place. I use FF for her browser.

Going into AOL and choosing mail and entering the password brings her to her account.

She has chosen the standard version of mail. But when she clicks on an email it won't open.

A few other things won't open on the site. The mail settings won't open. If I go to the accessible version everything works fine. But switching back to the standard version things won't work properly.

If I right click on the email and choose to open it in a new window it will work. If I single click on the mail it should open up in the viewing pane and it does not. Double clicking on the email should open it up in a separate viewing pane but it does not.

I was using FF 22.0. I upgraded to 25.0.1, no change.

I checked my JAVA and there was a problem so I installed the latest version and verified it and it is working properly.

I run AdBlock Plus and Ariva Anti Virus on her computer and have tried to use the email with both disabled and still get the same result of no response to my clicks on email to open them.

I haven't played with Flash yet as I don't think it has anything to do with it.

Where can I go now? What direction should I be looking to resolve this. Before the crash it worked and now it doesn't.

I've played with a lot of settings under tools> option> and still haven't resolved the problem.

I have tried it in IE and it functions properly. I use it on my own computer with FF in ver 22.0 and have never had a problem.

I went to tools> option> and copied everything I have set in my computer to hers so it is apples to apples and still nothing.

Any suggestions for what I can try now. I prefer to stay with FF as my browser.


Found it. Something added an addon into her browser that was causing the problem. Removed the addon and the email is now working.

what was the addon? I'm having that problem now and need to get it fixed asap ....thanks!

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