After i upgraded my win7 OS to win8, i found out that my audio output device is not installed.i tried installing realtek and other audio driver but still it is not fixed...please help me with this problem???
Here's my motherboard type: ASRock G41M-VS3....

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here is you MoBo audio driver link
1. Open this Link/Page
2. Enter Captcha
3. Press Download on next page click on[ VIA_Win7-64_Win7_Vista64_Vista_XP64_XP_2K(v7700d).zip ]
4. Extrect ZIP and Install Driver.
5.if windows says " NOT COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR OS " then right click [ Troubleshoot Compatiblity] Run SETUP again.
6. if fail. Download driver for you PC (One/All-CD)
If Fail Text me. I'll find the perfect easy solution.

Edited by kaleemullah360: I forgot to mention click page


If formatting is an option, please consider it. You probably made a mess anyway by installing various drivers, so a clean install will surely fix your problem. When you perform a clean install, your audio output device will be detected automatically and it will work (I have installed Windows 7/8/8.1 about a 100 times on various computers and I have not yet encountered the otherwise). If somehow your audio output device is still malfunctioning, please proceed to the following link.

Once you get there, choose Microsoft Windows for the operating system type, Windows 8 32 bit or 64 bit (depending on your Windows installation), choose Audio for the driver type. Lastly, open the dropdown menu and choose the entry which contains VT1705 (your audio chip).


Hope this helps.

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