Hey guys, im looking to take my existing excel 2003 spreadsheets (.xlsx) and i need to convert them to (.accde) file format. ive been looking and looking and cant seem to find out how to do it. If i could possible get the steps or how to go around doing this. It will be much appreciated


So, the first thing to clarify is that the .accde format is not Excel. That file format is used by Access.

If you want to take existing spreadsheets created in Excel 2003, you should already be able to open them in Excel 2013.

ya my bad i figured it out. I ment Access not excel sorry bout but that. Having refrence issues now because i have 2003, 2010, 2013. suppose to be converting access 2003 to to 2013 for a database upgrade. since i opened the file up in 2010 to try and convert the VB.net and coding behind the file isnt running and getting a code error at the start up. ive got limited access or admin rights to my work computer. Thanks though will figure it out