i have the last update of java, but i'm getting some problems with it :(
sometimes works other times don't. only in internet explorer works more or less but not on chrome.
can anyone explian to me how can i fix the problem?

There is Java, and there is Javascript. Totally different.
Some applications use/require Java, and some applications that are run through websites for specific purposes, oh... like share trading displays, engineering functions and so forth. Most people don't require Java at all. It is not related to browsers, but some sites do invoke it. After Adobe products it is generally a user's biggest security risk, so if you do not specifically need it, don't install it. Javascript... used on many webpages - a lot of features (like some logins etc) will not work if it is not allowed in the browser's settings. Generally useful to "enhance your webpage viewing pleasure". Not much more a risk than is html.

Well for one. Internet explorer might be better then it was.....And i'm talking the latest version, you should use google chrome or firefox. If using chrome you can go to settings or the page info on the page your viewing which you can do by right clicking on the page then clicking 'view-page info' and make sure javascript is enabled to make sure it isn't javascript (which as gerbil stated ealier) they're way different. But if you're sure it's java then you can check the verion that you're running (and I mean check the number version don't just say 'latest') then compare yours to the version the server is running and that means for one the website is badly maintanied and the admin, or the programmers even could have made it auto-update through ICMP (but that's more of networking then development) but if the versions are different you might be able to downgrade to that version in order to run that application. If your really advanced you can probably configure java to run that version for only that one application.

Try reinstalling java jre, I think the latest version up to date is 8u25

the chrome seems, sometimes, not activate it :(
but i did the sfc /scannow by prompth(like DOS) and found 1 error and i used the scdk with prompth too ;)
now i have some problems resolved. but i must format the laptop. thanks for all to all

some gifs file aren't showed because of my network and not the page.
and sometimes are showed. i'm confused on these :(
please i accept more information

If some page constructs (forms, elements, graphics...) like... as you mention, .gif files are not sometimes displaying correctly then it can often be as a result of poor page scripting, and minor/major incompatibilities with the browser you are using. Browsers differ. There is Google's Chromium Project which is setting up to become an open source standard for browser development, and both Opera 25 and Chrome draw from it. Do not expect all page features to work on it/them. As an example, I do not bother trying to open banking sites with Opera 25 - the result is too hit and miss. Firefox - open source, and extreme. It never fails to work with any web page in my experience; I use it for banking and other "sensitive" sites.
Try loading the same pages in different browsers and note how the treatment can vary. It shouldn't, but occasionally does. Html5 is the newest standard, not all browsers fully handle it; MPEG support varies, and so on.
I stick with an older version of Firefox (28) because I don't like not being able to hide Navigator bars as is not possible with the 30 series. Sure, there is full screening via menu or F11, but then you lose the Taskbar. And strangely enough , full screening varies too. You will find the whole screen used, but elements not expanding to take advantage of it. Horses for courses.
Anyway, try another browser... Firefox?.., and then which version series...? because with browsers what you see is what you get.

gerbil: i did more things: scandisk, and sfc /sannow command line. the scannow found 1 error. and they did more updates and now the gif's are showed normaly ;)
thanks for all to all

Java is fortunately a bit easier to deal with than in the past. Now on the Java site there is an automated tool detect your installed version of Java. Then you can install the latest version of Java. Then you can use the Java Uninstall Tool to remove previous versions: http://java.com/en/download/uninstallapplet.jsp
This will give you the best, most secure java performance! (always keep your java up to date and always remove outdated versions!)
You can also uninstall Java manually by yourself: http://java.com/en/download/help/uninstall_java.xml (I don't often reccommend it, it isn't much fun, but every once in a while it is necessary if something really weird happened to your Java installation)