Well, just last night, I bought a game for the PC that is capable of online gaming. Being my ignorant self, I didn't look at the system requirements for the game.

I barely passed the requirements, the only flaw was my graphics card.

When I tried to play the online game, I tried to weaken the graphics of the game so I won't experience latency/lag. After tweaking the game and its resolution, I was still experiencing lag. I went through their main website and found that disabling background applications will help reduce lag, they said I could do this by accessing "msconfig", select "Selective Startup" under General, and UNcheck "Load Startup Items."

After doing that task, I was prompted to restart my computer. I did. And once Windows XP has loaded, I received these two horrific errors:



These two errors appear twice for each ("Square error", Desktop Error, "Square errors", Desktop error).

I absolutely have no idea what to do. I think the squares through me off.

I went back to msconfig and returned it to its default which CHECKed "Load Startup Items". I've restarted my PC countless times after doing so, and I still receive those two errors.

Help please?

just do a system restore and restore your system to an earlier point where the system was working fine your issue will be resolved quickly

Oh my. That's quite embarrassing. The system restore definitely fixed my problem. (Smacks forehead) Ignorance is bliss.

Thanks, Chase.