When a web url is not right or when a url is not working, I get this webpage http://nav.startnow.com/.......
How did I disable this and get just Action Cancelled or just like anyone gets when there is no Internet connection. Also when the Internet is down and if I type a correct url like www.google.com, the page keeps on refreshing and working(http://nav.startnow.com/......). I checked for the default webpage in Regedit ( HKEY....Internet Explrer/searchurl) but it is assigned as google, not nav.startnow.com.

Also I have one other problem may be if its related to the above problem but, when I click a link in a webpage that opens in a new windows, the new windows doesn't open and its like IE in not responding. When I right click and close the windows which has the link, the link would open in a new window. So I have lot of trouble when there are pop ups. Even though I have google pop up blocker, some sites still try to open some pop ups.

I would appreciate if someone could help me with these.

Thank you