i am having a very hard time with surfing the web. i am running windows xp media. i am trying to go to this address http://mikhail-.deviantart.com/ and i get and DNS error. but that not the wierd part. i can go to any webpage at deviantart. as long as it does have and - at the end. it can have it at the begaining and on both ends but not at just the end.
i can't get it to work on IE, Netscape, or firefox.

please. i need help. i have tried everything i can think of.

in the fourm on that site they say there are problems such as these listed in one post .
All issues seem to be corrected now. For what they exactly were, here is a list.

1.) A server went down
2.) For many they could not reach their or others user pages (Internal Server Errors replaced these pages)
3.) Comments went missing on many things, deviations, replies to users, new posts, etc, for some this was temporary and for others this lasted several hours
4.) deviantWATCH erased

I apologize that i did not list these sooner, however errors were popping up so fast I could not keep track of all. :f

Maureen Winter
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the problem is not deviantarts. it on my end. because i know other people have been to the site.