I am really pissed off coz my system only boots if i choose the Start Windows With The Last KNown GooD Configuration setting by hitting F8... if i boot normally... it just keeps showing the windows boot screen and the three lines keep running endlessly... help... ive tried everything short of a fresh reinstall or repair....

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Sounds like you have some problems with a driver.

From Windows, select Run and type "devmgmt.msc" to run device manager.

Go through your devices, and try and look for any problems, (maybe highlighted with ! or ? ). Uninstall and reinstall drives with any problems you find. Other than that, maybe running a repair on your installation might be a good idea.

Or try restoring your computer to a previous known working restore point using System Restore. You may need to re install any apps you installed after this point was created.

done all that... and when i do system restore the system just starts up and continues in that booting mode... then i have to reset and sel last good known config... no hardware irq probs whatsoever no highlighted dev manager nd all.... waitin for some sol before i run winxp bootdisk to repair.. thats ma last resort... :) papa roach...:cheesy:

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