Hello masters,
I've Sony VAIO Fit 15E F15218SN/B laptop with Win 8 as operating system
And i want to dual boot it.So i made DVD-drive as my 1st boot up option.
When i restarted,it's not showing option to boot from CD
What is the solution ?

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So i made DVD-drive as my 1st boot up option.

If you mean in your BIOS, all this does is boot from media in your DVD drive if the media is in fact "bootable" such as an OS disk.

Before you proceed with creating a mutli-boot system, I would highly recommend you consider leaving the host operating system alone and installing a virtual app such as VMWare, or Virtual Box on your computer to run other operating systems as virtual guests.

The advantage here is that you wont have hte complex multi-boot configuration which can be painful to remove later if you change your mind and unlike a multi-boot system which only allows you to boot to one OS, with a host OS running virtual guests, you can have many virtual comptuers running different operatings system at the same time, all accessing each other resources, network, etc.. if you wish. When you are done with a guest, its as easy as deleting one file.


That's fine. If your media is not booting even though you have set your BIOS to boot from the DVD device first, then try other bootable media or try this DVD on another computer so you can determine if the problem is your computer or if it is the media itself that wasn't burned properly.

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