I am having problems with my wireless connection, it always says that it is connected but i am unable to load a web page. I have pinged it successfully and no packets are lost. I am using windows xp on SP2 with a netgear WG111T wireless adapter and a netgear router.

go into you control panel then network connections then click on internet protocol (tcp/ip) then properties.make sure the obtain Ip automatically is checked.

Also try running this run each one starting at the top then the winsock after winsock gets done it will reboot.

i would suggest first you can clear all the temporary files and all other stored information in your browser and also from the preograms tab of internet options click on manage add-ons and than disable all the add-ons and than try.
If this doesnt work than :
In the system config utility - click on the startup tab-click on disable all
-click on services tab-put a check on hide all microsoft services and than clck on
disable all.
-Than click on apply-click on close and restart the computer

things link flushing th dns,releasing and renewing the ip add,resetting tcp/ip and winsock should be steps which u should do after the above fails.

ihelp, i have tried to complete your instructions on msconfig but get an error message when i click apply saying that access is denied and i may need to log on to a administrators account but my account is already set to an adminiator. Any ideas? thanks

forget the access denied error message.
even if you get the access denied error message all the changes you make will be implemented after the restart.
so when you click on apply the access denied error will come up-clikck on ok. than you will have you to click on ok, again you will get the access denied error mesage click on ok again and you will be prompted to restarted the computer click on restart.
the access denied error messages are mostly caused by anti virus or anti spyware softwares.you can ignore the error meesages by just cliking on ok and all the changes will be implemented after the restart.