Help please. My laptop suddenly restart while I'm idling. A message appears: "your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting some error info, and then we'll restart for you"
This repeats in a loop. My laptop won't boot now.

Aspire E1-472G.
Windows 8.1

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So you can't start it anymore at all? Not even before Windows? Nothing appears at all? Not even boot or Windows logo with "Starting Windows"?

In case when Starting Windows does show up. You can restart computer, and before Starting Windows shows up, keep spamming F8 key and wait until menu shows up. Choose Safe boot with Networking, this will allow you access to data. It won't help on your solution yet, but it will let you access your vital documents. Access %SystemRoot%/minidump, in case this isn't working go to C:/Windows/minidump, there should be file, that would give us more perspective of what has gone wrong.

In case when Starting Windows doesn't show up, but logo of your laptop's manifacturer does. You can burn .iso onto a USB and boot from it. If you're lucky your USB may find current Windows installation, and it will let you login onto Startup Recovery Options. Then choose for Command Prompt. Inside there, find the letter of your USB, enter it and type mkdir thedump and then xcopy "%SystemRoot%/minidump" "thedump". Now if you go back to 5 options that were listed, click for Startup Repair, it might help, but I make no promise. After all, send us the log by using working computer.

If you can't even see logo of manifucturer of your laptop. I can't really help you.

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just restart your laptop with safe boot or you can reset your pc settings...


Just hit f8 button 4-8 times when you restart and then select Last Known Good Configuration.


many factor id suddenly restart, it can be the processor to heat cause the fan is not working properly

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