Hello all... I was wondering if anyone could help me with getting my HP laptop to... hmm how to put this... recognize the blank DVD I place in my disc drive... it's a blank DVD+R and my computer doesnt pick it up as anything being in my computer... does anyone know why this is?

is the dvd drive a dvd -rw drive or just a dvd- rom drive

I really don't know... but it can play movies but it doesn't recognize blank DVD's...

and it will not unless its a dvd-rw,just because it plays movies doesn't make it a dvd-rw.it has to be a dvd burner to recognize blank dvd's ,a lot of laptops have cd-rw/dvd player combos,so they only play dvd and burn CD's

Well is there a way to see if its a burner or not? I run on an HP laptop.

its usually on the front of the drive tray .look for DVD-RW or DVD multi recorder

It says Compact Disc Rewritable and DVD Rom

ok ,that means it burns CD-R and playes DVD's ,it does not burn DVD's ,that why it doesn't read the blank dvd.

Oh... so is there anything I can buy or download or something?

no it is the drive itself

you cannot make a cd burner burn dvds

Oh... so is there anything I can buy or download or something?

only thing you can do is buy a dvd burner that is made for your model laptop.expensive!!

or you could buy a usb one. havent seen any DVD ones about but i know they were popular when cd burners first came out. there expensive though.