I have a 2008 server 1U, it is a very powerful bugger, 2xQuad/32GB and 2x500GB on RAID1, for the past year, I have been using NAS drives for network users to store, but I think I can do better with a proper storage server attached to the server as part of the AD domain, but confused as to what I actually need to make one.
My limited vision of this is to have another server running Windows Storage Server, then somehow link them up with a card each on each server, but what cards do I need if this is the case ?
I don't really want to upgrade the server as the current one does the job well and the hardware is more than enough, so what I am after is additional storage that can be part of the main server, I am not a total newbie so just some useful pointers could be just what I need to get this going.
Thanks for any help on this.

A Good iSCSI drive array is probably cheaper then an entire MS Server buildout. The iSCSI volume can be mapped up to the main server and appear as attached storage.

You can also go with an iSCSI or NAS array with CIFS support so it can share out space directly to clients without the need to go through a server.

If you are on the cheap, NAS4Free or opennas are opensource products. Run 2 in a replicated 'cluster' and you get space and failover.

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