I'm not sure if I am on the right forum, but I can't access my web browser, it says I'm on the Internet and strength good, with a message no internet access, I have tried resetting the router but no good .

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You'll have to give us more to go on. What Operating System are you using (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, heaven help you Mac OSX, etc.)?
What browser are you trying to use? Internet Exploder, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.?
Do you have access to the Wireless router, you know the passphrase or can use the autoconfigure button?
Give us more to go on.

I agree with desmondo - more info needed. However, I have run into an issue with my provider which is very similar to what you describe. In those cases, I have had to contact my provider and they send a reset signal from their end. My only guess as to the cause is that something in the circuit between my in-house router and their access point to the world is getting hung and they have to clear it. I typically see this situation after a disruption of service caused by a power outage or a nearby lightning strike - which may or may not cause a loss of power.

This is often caused by a bad DNS server. ISP servers sometimes go down and then you cannot access the internet because names cannot be resolved to IP addresses, which are required for connectivity. I sometimes add a TLD (top-level domain) DNS server address to my network configuration to deal with such issues. You can find their addresses on the internet, such as for bell-atlantic, etc.

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