Good morning,

I just want to get an advice from you guys regarding with permission problem.

Recently when doing some cut, copy and paste action in my windows 7 pc, I encounter a problem which I cannot open a file. For some instance I cut a file from a folder to another folder and once i click to open the file, a message shows up that says "The file cannot be open" or "the file is corrupted", etc. The only resolution that ive got and doing whenever this problem comes up is to go to its file properties>security tab>edit button>add permission and put "everyone".

Anyone that experience the same problem? Anyone knows why did this problem came up? Please help me..

Thank you..

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Too vague and sadly what some shills post to lead into those file repair spam replies.

Don't leave out details. What is this file? What should open it?


One question I have is whether these directories are on the same file system, or other file systems (partitions) or drives? Even if same drive and/or partition, there could be file system corruption or disc issues going on. You need to run your chkdisk tools and check for bad blocks as well.

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