I use windows 8.1 with MS word 2010.Every time I open a word documet it copies itself with the title's first 2 words altered to a dollor sign($) and ~. even same showing for recyclebin also along with $ sign. so if I name a file new microsoft word documents.docx it would appear ~$W microsoft word.docx, a duplicate of the original, inside content -nothing changes.could you please help me out?Thanks

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When you open MS Office 2010 or MS Office 2013 files. It creates this strange file temporarily to manage the data. This is also one of the ways how "Recover Documents" works. It just creates that temporary file which is probably (not sure) realtime clone of your actual file and it is copied every 3th minute (depends on your settings) to a specific folder. So that if your computer (PC standalone) is out of power or your battery falls out of your laptop (how?!), then it has that copy.

As soon as you close MS Office this file should disappear. If it's there without you having any MS Office opened, check your process list on Windows, it may be still running but not showing.

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the temporary file is in memory (RAM) so that you can make modifications of. Once the file is closed (saved) the new version will be written on the hard disk and the temporary file will be removed as in the memory that was occupied by it will be free'd


These are just tempory files, and backup files. This is because you created a new file, so until it is written to memory, these files will most likely dissappear. But they will still be there. This is to make sure that if word crashes, it has a abckup ready to boot.


Thanks to all of you for your kind reply also there is other icons i can see like desktop.ini or recyclebin is it vires? or how i can hide tham if i dont want to see it during or after opening files.

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