I'm glad to announce the return of Hacker-Recruit and it's totally new and evolved.

What is Hacker-Recruit?

Hacker-recruit is interactive training software to teach you the arts of computer hacking, it has a unique approach and tries to taylor for all it's audiences, with Hacker-Recruit we will, over time attempt to teach all the fundementals in computer hacking, with modules such as (Scanning, information gathering, gaining access, maintaining access, covering tracks, programming, exploits and more!).

This software has a unique approach, it has many nice features such as integrated web browser support, tools, hacker tests (exams) were you can get a Hacker-Recruit certificate based on your pass score, you'll have a lot of support, it's easy to use and we constantly try to make new features which the clients (you) suggest to make it the best experience for you as possible.


Our software is for education purposes, we do not condone meliciouse computer hacking it is meant for ethical use so you can better defend yourself in IT environments, if you use any knowledge/tools gained from our software in an un-ethical manner then we will not be held responsible.



In this demo version you will get a basic module on TCP, UDP and IP, you get a basic test on the aforementioned topics to test your newly found knowledge, it has basic help features, and integrated web browser and ultimately gives you a basic feel for the software.

Download Demo

System requirement:

Windows 32 OS (windows 2000 or above)

360 KB of free memory

.NET runtime 3.5 or above

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