My PowerPoint has gotten buggy, the slide templates are invisible. Also, word runs slowly and seems to crash and not close files properly.
I have my installation CD. When I put it in the CD drive, it brings up a window with dozens of file icons and no explanation of where to begin. Office 2003 on a 6month old IBM x40 laptop running XP. Someone help please!

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Small world. I have my old Office 2003 CD and I look for the setup.exe to run. However I'm just about to run out the door so I'll be back with a note about a specific service patch for Office. (No, it's not for the OS but let's hope it's at least XP SP3 for the OS.) There's a patch I have to install for Office 2003 if it is to work right. I'm out of here for 2 hours but will add detail later.


OK, just back and the patch was on my USB key filed as Office2003SP3-KB923618-FullFile-ENU.exe
And on my Office 2003 CD the file to run is indeed setup.exe.

Hope this helps.


You can reinstall by your CD
But there are no option to Uninstall word
Anyway go to add or remove programme to uninstall your apps

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