Hi. When I startup my windows 10 and log into my account, my desktop doesn't seem to be visible. It's just a black screen. There are no icons and no taskbar. When I try to open task manager, I can see it cursor loading for a split second meaning something is happening (?) but then it doesn't show up on the screen. So I can't access task manager.

This is how my desktop screen looks: https://gyazo.com/5c4fa96dffcec5e37b4a48f2beed8f5d

It's just an un-clickable window that says "Enter a product key". I bought this laptop online via BestBuy. Not too sure why it is showing this. Either way, the window is un-clickable. I can't drag it or click anywhere on it to change it in any way. It's almost as if it is simply part of the black background.

On top of the window it says "Certified Technician for help 1-888-257-2199"

Doesn't anyone know how to solve this problem?

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