Huge problem for me as I cannot get Windows XP Home to boot (see my previous thread posted earlier today).

I've tried lots and lots of things but have not managed to get windows to run in safe mode, repair windows or reload windows.

I swapped the jumpers and have been able to look at my HDD as a slave.

I have copied some files onto a CD and that's good. However, the latest files visible to me are 5 months old.

It is very important to me that I recover those files even if I later junk the actual drive later.

ANY ADVICE for me out there? I would be grateful of some help either restarting Windows XP Home or simply getting to my most recent files so I can back them up.

Looking forward to some help. Thanks.

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hi uk_spencer,try to use usb enclosure and plug it to another computer..then back-up all your data through that computer...


I think you're gonna get the same advice here as in your other post!

As I recall from your other post you were in some sort of re-install having deleted the Norton SW. I pointed you to a MS KB article that was pretty close to your scenario. What happened?

To recover your files, as I said in the other thread, once you've recovered XP, either try Norton GoBack again or get the earlier Norton Utilities 2003 that I use.


use windows pe boot disk its xp installed on a disk so you can get onto your computer and access your files you might even be able to fix the orignal problem if you let me know what it is!!


Hi chris5126. I've swapped jumpers and made the HDD a slave. Plugged into my other, identical, PC and backed up all the files I can onto a separate USB Drive.

However, I cannot "see" any files newer than some months ago so potentially all my work done in the past few months is lost?

Any ideas?


hmm that really shouldnt be the case unless you tried a system restore which could have changed it back to an earlier date. But dont worry there should be a few ways of getting your files back it might take a few hours though.

There are many decent free ware data recovery programs out there which will scan the entire disk or certain directoris (ie my documents) and find up to 5 previous copies which you should be able to recover.

Recover my files is a good program (but its not free unless you find a way to make it free!)

But there are plenty of other good free ware programs about. So have a look.
Let me know how you get on and if my info was useful add to my reputation!


Thanks. I've now tried this using "freeundelete.exe" and recovered some files but the mystery is - why can I still not see my latest files (work done in the past few months?


i dont really know to tell you the honest truth it could be damaged sectors or tracks have u tried running a dd checker to see if that works.

If my info helped please add to my rep!

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