Hello, I was reading online that after some years you should add new thermal paste to your cooling and clean fan.. so since my laptop was from 2012 I decided to do that. I removed the backpanel and the copper cooling and noticed lots of black soot. (Probably cause we use candles which we now have stopped). I used a small electric blower to dust out all that black soot and used coffee filters to try to clean up most of the soot. I used the electric blower to get out all the soot in the laptop fan too.

I noticed the thermal compound did look a bit dry but I just left it as that

Heres some photos of how it all looks like.. After dusting I placed everything back together but <bold>now the problem!</bold>








Now every time I open multiple web pages with google chrome or firefox my computer automatically shuts down. It's like any program that uses a lot of my graphics card will make pc shut down automatically

Just so you know yes my fan is working cause I hear it and feel some warm heat air coming out of the vents.

Im not sure what I did if its cause I need to add new Thermal Paste?


MSI GT60 laptop
Intel graphics card
nVidia GeForce GTX 670M 3,072MB PCI-Express GDDR5
3rd Generation Intel® Ivy Bridge Core™ i7-3920XM Extreme Edition (2.9GHz - 3.8GHz, 8MB Intel® Smart Cache,
Ram: 32GB DDR3 1600MHz Dual Channel Memory

Thermal Compound IC Diamond Thermal Compound - CPU + GPU was installed in 2012

<config>Windows / Chrome 47.0.2526.106</config>

Also, don't blow the dust out. Use a vacuum instead. Blowing puts the dust in places where you don't want it, causing problems like this. After vacuuming, then plow with dry air (compressed air cans for this can be found at Office Depot et al, Best Buy, and such), and vacuum again.

Anyway, that's what IBM, Zenith, HP, and Apple taught back when I was managing a tech consulting firm that sold that gear, and I still have the certs/diplomas to prove it! :-)

When you add mulitple web page at your browser your browser load thing and heatup your processor too much so that's why your laptop restart when you open multiple tab.

Seem that nice rig was running ok before thermal paste application. You may have to reapply the thermal paste making sure that the one you choose does not retain too much heat (too thick). Bring up -task manager, use the resource monitor to keep an eye on the CPU. As you open each app or web page check it's CPU usage. When utilization peaks (100%) you Laptop will freeze- meaning that it's hot.
Try again.
From: RoyDrive.