Hey all
I've been reaading your forums through to try and solve my problem but still to no avail. Basically when using either IE 6 or Firefox i cannot accses certain sites most notabley any microsoft website e.g msn.co.uk as such i cant check hotmail or get updates. Both browsers state website found then sit and wait for ages before finally giving a no page to display error. Could this be spyware or a virus? i have checked my system with norton anti virus and ad aware/Spy bot/Counter spy all reveal nothing! what the hell is going on!! I'm using Windows XP Pro with SP2. Any help/ideas would be great. cheers!

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Thanks for the suggestion but didnt work i'm afraid. it seems to basically only be with microsoft websites no trouble signing into messenger or anything just getting to the websites! i'm all out of ideas for whats up any other suggestions?? thanks for your help.

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