My Computer is Dell and i have a Win 7 64 bit PC and when i restart it there are loss of data's both on Local Disk C & D with MentioningSticky Note ....; How Can i Fix This Problem?

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Maybe the hard disk is damaged. For this you can use Scandisk or Chkdsk programs.


While PC users eventually learn "we only lose what we don't backup" just last month it happened again and one of my clients had me try to recover.

This time RECUVA saved the day.

-> BIG HOWEVER !!!! <-

Since we can't run the OS or install apps the HDD was put into some USB case so I could run RECUVA on another PC to get the lost files copied out before they were overwritten.


I saw this before, simply log in to any admin account, go the the users folder, if you see your old user folder then you can copy its content to the new folder, the case might be that you were logged in to a different user profile, and this happens when: either your old profile was a temporary profile, or your new profile is a temporary profile, or your old profile was damaged.

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