Hi all,
I have a dual-boot laptop with Windows 10 64 bit and Windows 8 32 bit. I think i don't need that windows 8 any more. I want to delete it from laptop and add that empty hard drive space to the drive where windows10 located. How can i safely do this ? Any help ? Thanks in advance.

Define safely. Not once have I lost the hardware but occasionally one of the Windows fails to boot for a simple reason there is no "uninstall" for an OS. We have to know the boot system as well as have repair methods ready.

For me this would be the W10 USB full install stick I made with Microsoft's Media Creation Kit and full backups of what I can't lose.

With those tools at the ready I can remove the boot item from the boot manager (you have to know this area) and then after testing I can while in W10 head to disk management to remove the old W8 partition.

I recently rebuilt a friend's PC. He had dual boot Vista/Win7. All I had to do was run msconfig, go to the boot tab and remove the Vista entry. Once I had done that I was free to delete all of his Vista folders.

commented: +1 for the end of Vista again. Office has no more Vista machines. Hurrah. +12