Hi. i ran a SFC /SCANNOW on my laptop(Asus, Windows 8.1) and there are corrupt files according to cmd. Checked the CBS log file and found multiple DIRSD OWNER WARNING , Ignoring duplicate ownership for directory AND [SR] Cannot repair member file [l:36{18}] . Could someone explain to me what the first one means? I mean if its possible to fix all three problems, how? I guess, if you see the whole log then only you'd know how to help but theres like dozens of lines (crazy to copy paste all that). So how do i proceed? maybe i'll attach it? is that safe? is the log safe to share to public?

As I read priors at https://www.google.com/search?q=DIRSD+OWNER+WARNING I'll add I won't duplicate the answers there.

Now that the SFC part of your question is answered can you share what issues the OS is showing otherwise?

That is, because of how Microsoft treats issues like these, it is OK to see the entries in the log file and have a working OS. Drop the concerns about the log file for a moment and tell me what's broken. We know Microsot's penchant for less than a clean SFC is well discussed so I want to focus on what's broken elsewhere. If you are going to complain about Microsoft OS bugs, you're in good company.

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