My computer was working fine until today I opened it up and clicked the power button then I realized that it was not working. I then proceeded to hold it after a while I can hear the fan start up but nothing else when I let go of the power button it stops I have one light on the lightbulb light so I guess it's still on but when I plug in the charger it doesn't charge it's been like this for a while now help

Take a moment to consider this is like telling a car repair shop your car won't start but you don't tell make, model and much else. It matters.

Without that I can't tell what you mean by the lightbulb.

Hi, is this a laptop and have you tried starting that with another battery? Also, you can try inserting the windows DVD and see if that works, but yes, it would be helpful if you could tell us the exact make-model of the computer.

While this is undoubtably a laptop, most problems of this description are either the power adapter that you plug into the wall, or, more than likely, a dead battery. The only fix for either is replacement. A laptop batt. will zero out in capacity if left plugged in for a long time.
Power adapters do have their problems but usually don't unless they are moved around a lot such as being moved from one location to another. The "lightbulb", it is assumed, is an LED pilot lamp, sometimes referred to as a "idiot light" which is familiar jargon to most technicians.
Many stores that cater to the computer trade usually have both parts available or to be ordered whichever is needed. It is not always necessary to look for a dealer that handles your specific make.

Perhaps the battery is the problem, change out the battery and try again. They can be quite expensive though, it depends on which model you have