I haven't found much information on this on the web, and I have been searching extensively.

Literally every time I try to download the Eclipse IDE via the installer software, it pauses mid download, and a message appears showing something akin to "artifact is progressing slowly from mirror: www.somemirrorurlhere.edu" (not a real URL).

I am having this problem on both Linux (Fedora 26) and Windows 10. I'm at a loss. No information exists on how to fix it, and I don't know what to do about it.

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I happen to have a W10 machine clean I can see if I can replicate this. But to do so you'll have to share the exact URL you used. I'll either use that or write I won't be using that site but another.

Sometime over the next few weeks I'll be setting up a new W10 machine for a new programmer to work on Android Apps. For that, we use Google's Android Studio. Tell a little more about why you want Eclipse.


I've taken a screenie of what I'm talking about.

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This happens all the time, every time. Sometimes if I let it sit for about half an hour it will finish. Nonetheless I don't want to wait that long for something so simple.

I've had to redownload Eclipse a few times, this computer got some kind of malware and I had to reinstall Windows, and Fedora 26...

I'm not sure this happens with the Eclipse Java IDE but it sure does with the C/C++ IDE.

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