I'm new here and have a problem that is driving me nuts.

I don't know what happened but...

All my stored images now show the microsoft flag and I can no longer view them by double clicking on them.

I have pictures stored in My Documents... used to just double click on them and a new window would open with the image displayed. Now I double click on them and nothing. Must be a setting somewhere but I've spent way too long trying to figure it out.

Help! ....please.

Thank you!

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Have you tried changing the properties of the pictures, changing the part that says
"Opens with: ......
Select an appropriate application to open the picture with, such as paint, image preview, etc.

Right click on picture >
Properties >
Opens with...

Thank you, steosaur.

Yes, I finally got it!

I knew there was a setting somewhere just couldn't find it.

Appreciate the reply.

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