I'm new here and have a problem that is driving me nuts.

I don't know what happened but...

All my stored images now show the microsoft flag and I can no longer view them by double clicking on them.

I have pictures stored in My Documents... used to just double click on them and a new window would open with the image displayed. Now I double click on them and nothing. Must be a setting somewhere but I've spent way too long trying to figure it out.

Help! ....please.

Thank you!

Have you tried changing the properties of the pictures, changing the part that says
"Opens with: ......
Select an appropriate application to open the picture with, such as paint, image preview, etc.

Right click on picture >
Properties >
Opens with...

Thank you, steosaur.

Yes, I finally got it!

I knew there was a setting somewhere just couldn't find it.

Appreciate the reply.