Hi Guys,

I seem to be having no end of problems with Windows 7.The sound keeps switching on and off.It would come for a day or so then switch off for about a week, then switch back on again for another day or so.
Whenever I try to play a video, whether from the hard drive or Cd or DVD, the picture shows but no voice.When I try to play music whether from the hard drive or a CD,I would hear the instruments but no voice. When I try to listen to my lectures, whether from the hard drive or a CD, there is no sound at all.
These are some of the remedial measures which I have tried but which have yielded no positive results.

(1) Upgrading the sound Drivers. A message would show up on the screen saying that the drivers were the latest and didn't need to be upgraded.
(2) Downloaded drivers from the motherboard manufacturer's web site.
(3) Scanned the system with AVG, Spybot, Lavasoft and Aries Remover.The first two for viruses and other malware, and the last two for rootkits since I was told that I might have a rootkit infection.
(4) Reinstalled Windows 7 but to no avail.

Some details about my computer:
Biostar Tseries motherboard.
Athlon AMD Phenom 9650 Quad core processor.
2.3 GHz Processor Speed.
8gigs RAM
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit Operating System.
600 watt ATXPower Supply. Model Number FX600-GLN.

Is there some way for the problem to be solved? Is it a hardware or software problem,
or a combination of both, Please advise.

With Thanks.

Compton Gomes-Lozier

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I would suggest that you have a hardware problem. If your using the "sound" chip on the motherboard, it may be bad or going bad. Maybe one of the connectors is coming lose or something like that. Easiest way would be to by another sound card and install it. You may have to go to the system setup and inhibit your current sound from the MB. New sound cards are pretty cheep, or expensive if you get a fancy one.
you chose.


First install using windows xp and see whether the sound is active or not, if the first step doesn't work, try step 2, use sound card as an alternative. if the first step is working, it means the hardware is no problem but the software. hopefully useful, thanks :)


I Would Suggest You Play One Song On Another Computer And Another On Their Computer.. Both Must Be The Same Song.. Listen Carefully And See If Your Windows 7 Have Any Wierd Sound Or Jumping Or Either No Sound.. If It Is Wierd And The Sound Jumping Around , It Must Be Your Speaker Ploblem In Your Laptop Or Desktop.. If It Is The Desktop, You Should Check You Insert The Two Connecters Of The Wire Put In properly And not Mixed Up... If It Is No Sound , You May Follow These Step That I Will Post Below.. Take A Look And Find A Way To The Solution.

(1)Restart Your Computer

(2)Unplug The Wire From Your Speaker From The Desktop

(3)If These Fails , Bring Your Desktop Or Speaker To Your Customer Sevice Provided By Your Service Provider..


(1) If You Have Sound Ploblems From Your Laptop , Restart Your Computer

(2) If It Fails , Bring Your COmputer To THe Customer Service From Your Service Provider


Yeah I decided to get my old machine up and running with extra parts laying around.

I installed a OEM copy of win 7 pro on it, all worked but the on-board sound card, I tried like you did install drivers from MS, AS*S and also the chipset manufacturers.

The only solution I had was to pick up a compatible sound card (win7 64-bit) off ebay for 13 bucks shipping included.
Popped that in and all is fine now. Its not a fix but it is a solution.

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