I'm running Windows 7. My C: drive is two 15k.3 6Gbs 300GB Segate Savvio SCSI drives in RAID 1.
There is an internal Crucial m4 CT512M4SSD2 Internal Solid State Drive, but the OS does not
recognize it as an SSD drive when I attempt to optimize the drive. Why did this just happen
and what can be done to fix it?

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Is the Crucial directly connected to the computer? Or does the RAID use it as a cashe?

If it's directly connected to the computer, Press Win-R and type "compmgmt.msc" <enter>. Then go to Storage->Disk management. What do you see there (or take a screen shot)?


Thank you Hiroshe for this quick reply. The SSD is 500Gbs and connected to the computer- Drive E (Disk 2?) in the
disk management snapshot. However, in the other a small window appears requesting tha Disk 3 be initialized. I
don't know what's going on.

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Yup. That's normal. A hard drive is really just a sequence of 0's and 1's. Real simple. The problem is that "0's" and "1's" have no concept of what a "file" is, or what a "partition" is. Thus we make some system to interpret "files" and "partitions" from the sequence of "0's" and "1's".

That hhd is probably brand new (or it was securely wiped). Thus the entire thing is zero'd out. So, you first need to inizialize the disk (that's that little window you see). Then you'll need to format it to NTFS.

  1. If you don't see that window, right click the part that says "Disk 3", and click "Initialize disk". Press "Ok" (default settings are fine).

  2. Right click on the "Unallocated" part, and click "New Simple Volume". pick the rpeferred drive letter, and most of the other defaults should be fine.

You should be good to go.


It's strange that you have an extra 40mb disk that's zero'd out. Right click on ON TOP of the word "Disk 3". Do you see the option "Detach VHD" there?

Also, how do you know that it doesn't optimize it as an SSD drive? When it "defragments" it should TRIM the SSD. I beleive detects it based on the score that you get from the "Windows Experience Index".

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