Anyone got an idea how to manually configure ports in Windows Tiny XP Beast?

And, if port forwarding support has been disabled or even deinstalled, how to re-introduce it?

Oh, and manually, I want to learn how win works, not with PFConfig. Manually.

I don't want to reinstall the whole Win, I got TinyXP Beast Rev05 already, there, all should be fine, all ports open. But as I said, I have an older version than Rev05 installed and DO NOT wish to install the new version if it can ever be helped. A matter of time. In some days, though, I'll have to do exactly that, nevertheless. Pooh. :-/

(I own Windows XP, it came with my PC, so I got the absolute right on performance in another version, I got the right of using another faster version if I own Windows!)

Thx a lot anyone, April 17, 2008


EDIT: Oops! I just saw that printer support has been disabled in Tiny XP Beast which has been made with nLite. So, I'm now AGAIN trying to nLite, this time more carefully, hopefully...

-> So, no urgent need of anwering here, but thanks anyone if anyone would know whether an enlited-away component like port and printer support can at all be reinstalled or not, I rather think not...


(Editing is only possible here in a limited time, so I have to post again, sadly!)

EDIT2: TinyXP-makers, really. Taking out printer support. That ports are open again in Rev05 is superb, but still no printing possible? Do we all have to boot a separate OS for evry purpose? Really! Most people only use on Win for all they do and they ALL WANT all to work. Stick to your slim concept, but add the crucial needed things like Scanner and printer support. Point. End of discussion!