Hello all,

My enterprise just released Windows 10 on one of our domains. Using the previous Windows 7, we were able to sysprep a copy of the OS pulled down from SCCM by imaging a workstation with a task sequence.

Continuing with that practice on Windows 10 has presented some issues. I have worked through the sysprep issues, but when attempting to boot the workstation using one of the replicated HDD's, we run into issues.

1: Upon initial bootup we get an error stating that the installation could not be "configured". To continue, restart the workstation.

We were able to get around this issue by forcing a safe mode boot. THe workstation begins to install drivers and get devices ready. However, after a few minutes, we get this error:

2: Windows cannot complete the installation. To continue the installation, restart the workstation.

We have had no luck getting past this issue. We have attempted to "press F10 and Shift+f10 and all the other "F" keys with no luck. I have been searching for answers for days and cannot figure out why the process nor the recommeded fix actions are wokrking.

Side note: Our IT is broken up into many parts...we have a division that creates the images and another that deploys the images to SCCM, so I do not any power to make changes; I can only work with what I have.

Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

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This only works if the target PCs are clones of each other. For other than that, you need to install for each model and develop an image suitable for each PC model.


Understand all. Unfortunately, that is what we are doing. Imaging a workstation, sysprepping it, replicating it, then using one of the newly copied hard drives and installing it in the same workstation.

Neat. That's what many do and works. If it doesn't back to the beginning and find out why. Such is the life of IT. Sometimes you go over your training notes or call Microsoft to have them tell you why it won't work in this case.

Howdy rproffitt, thanks for the advice, I was also having the same kind of configuration issue and now will try with your idea. probably same might be the reason why we aren't able to configure it properly and now we can try doing so without replicating other systems.

Thanks alot once again.

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