Dear Friends ,

There is a strange Error comming to my frd's computer this time . .

We can open any site , in the Browser IE 6 or 7 .

But now , when we r going to open his company website bansalonline, we can open it , but after open any page, when we click on Back Page, Internet Explorer direct closes without any error .

If we can get any Error , so also can search but this time , what to do do not know .

We tried a lot of times . Before the problem was , we can not move to any page after reach "home " page, But now the error is changed ..

Can anyone solve this Problem ?

can also say me on " prensoni0143 (at) yahoo (dot) com " .

Thanks & Regards

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No it's not only in IE 6 or 7 .

and u know strange ? I am from that company , inside any computer we can open this website, but just we format 1 PC and installed IE 6 , 7 and 8 different times, always comes same error that IE close without any error .

Just yesterday night we got solution , but it's stranger solution still .


Dear Friends ,

Thanks to take interest in my Post .

The Solution is to run 1 File for Script Debbuger name " scd10en.exe " .

But still I am in search of real solution not by Software .

Thanks & Regards
Jr. Network Engineer


Dear Friends,
I am really in problem.My internet explorer is not opening.
I accidentally made my all files and folders to run from real player.
When I restored the previous version,the internet explorer is not opening


What is your Internet Explorer version. Does other softwares and web browsers open as normal?

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