I want to create a bootable USB-stick. I have a MS-DOS 6.22 image file. I used Rufus but that didn't work. Do you know a better program for the job? If you think a Linux stick would be better... well, I decided to use a MS-DOS 6.22 and put Ghost on it. I would say that works great :) Thanks in advance

edit: addition
I put another item on this website earlier... which can be answered with the same solution, I think. The post is this one: https://www.daniweb.com/posts/jump/2235445

I have to write that such wouldn't be useful for most of what I do. You could google other ideas but when I need bootable USB sticks here's what I have on my desk: The W10 install and repair stick. TAILS OS. Mint Linux. Android x86. And I need to fix my old Chrome x86 stick. So looking around for that soon.

I've created a lot of bootable USB using Rufus and it always works. I'm not understanding that why it's not working in your case. I would suggest you try PowerISO its also a very famous software to make bootable USB.