I'm obviously overlooking something, but don't know what. The system is an ASUS KM2M Combo series with 1.7 GHz processor, built-in audio and video. The operating system is Win2000 pro and there's 256 megs of RAM on board. I know the speakers work, 'cause I can here them when I pull out the mini and stick it back in. The manual says it needs the Avance ALC650 driver, which translates to the Realtek AC.97. This, according to the results of Googling for the driver. I also went to "Sound" in "My Computer." Normally if what you have is not installed correctly the audio stuff is greyed, as is the Windows sounds. However, everything appears to be alright.

If anyone can clue me, say with a check list of some kind I should be able to pin the problem down and get back my Wife's sound before she trades me in on a computer tech :). Any assist will be appreciated.



Hold down your windows key and then press the pause/break key. This brings you directly into system info(minus all the clicks). Go to hardware tab, and then device manager. Look under sound.

Do you see any yellow exclamation marks? Yellow exclamation marks indicate faulty devices.

You could always try adding in an old sound card (they are usually cheap if they are used-- or better yet, borrow one from another computer to test) via a pci slot. You can then disable the integrated in the BIOS (or possibly on the motherboard via a jumper, but it's more likely to be in the BIOS. <-- This would be my next step.

Step by step instruction: http://www.infopackets.com/channels/en/windows/gazette/2004/20041228_install_sound_card_to_computer_with_onboard_integrated_sound.htm


Alrighty, I checked and no exclamation marks in my "Device Manager." If I stick a sound card in, disable the integrated, and still no sound what might you suggest. I will follow the link and see what I can pick up on. Thanks for your input.

have you loaded the original driver on your system? for built-in audio, video chip may need to get the driver for your mother board include the driver for controller. sometimes the drivers come with os are not suitable, eventhough it seems working properly in device manager

Did you enable on board sound card via BIOS?

That wouldn't be necessary with just a reformat and re-install would it?
Thanks, BuddyB

Did you check and make sure the volume is turned up and not muted?

Hey, gotta cover all the bases, right? lol