Hi my name is paul and pretty much a noob,
but i need help!!
teh problems start when i get to teh windows load screen in windows xp were the loading line thst blue comes up... after that a black screen comes up and stays there for about a minute then teh computer reboots as normal. then when i get to teh log in screen i hear a couple of error sounds before i get into my desktop.. (i dont have a password for computer so it loads straight away) then when i get to my desktop the wall paper loads but thts it!!! theres is nothing else but the wallpaper present.. so i tryed crtl-alt-delt, and that worked... teh only way i was able to get in programs was by using teh File>New task teh i would browse to find teh exe for the program.... but then i wrote C:/ then everything popped back up... teh task bar appeared and so did all the icons... i tryed start and that worked to.. but i went to control panel and then to add and removal programs then this error popped up.. "The application failed to intialize properly (0xc0000005). Click on OK to terminate the application". (as the title of teh bok it says "Rundll32.exe - Appliction error) Also when teh computers boots up and the error sounds come up (like i told u b4) an error comes up about something about rundll32.dll not working.. several programs dont work any more and computer quiet slow...

i will try to tell u my specks....

Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D 930 (code name Presler) CPU 3.00GHz
Ram: 1024 MBytes DDR2 DDRAM Frequency 266.00MHz (have two 512 Mhz DDR2 sticks in to slots #1 and #3)
Computer is by Gigabyte Technology

can't find graphic card speks for computer becuase of rundll32.exe error... but i no its Nvdia and has 256 Ram

IF ANY ONE CAN HELP THX!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Welcome to Daniweb ,whats a noob,or do you mean Nob,lol

ok first thing Teh is spelled The .lol
firs thing i would try is to boot into safe mode with networking and go to the windows update site and make sure you have all the latest winxp updates .
if safe mode with networking doesn't work try safe mode ,and run you virus scan to see if you caught something.

oh yeah ,to get to safe mode option repeatedly hit f8 on bootup

Rundll32.exe one of the core components of Windows. And if i'm not mistake, it responsibles to draw icons on desktop. Rundll32.exe in its turn using system register to correspond icon to show and file extension.
I think or one of the system files is corrupted or something wrong with system-register.
I don't think that you have proper qualification, so do not try to change something in system register.
So try to reboot in safe mode and run virus scan as the people say.