tried downloading a pic sent to me and could not download, and windows asked what program i wanted to use. i clicked on windows media player.could not get to download this file.
windows media player icon appeared on all my desktop icons and have not been able to acess my icons and open my regular programs

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download a trial of tuneup utilities 2012, it has the option to fix wrong icons being displayed (hopefully in the trial version, else need to buy a license)


What kind of image file-type is it?
Did you try to open the image (file-type) in mediaplayer,
The only known file-types I have ever opened with mediaplayer are .gif and possibly .bmp.

Try windows photogallery and see if that works.
If the file (image) didn't work with mediaplayer,
then right-click on the file. A popupmenu should appear.
From there you just click on > Open with...

Then, select the default program in which you want to open the image file-type.
Can be any photoeditor or gallery. Example. Windows Live photogallery.

Remember: files with the same shared file-type will be opened with the same program.
(The default program).

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