Ok, I noticed this several months ago, I THINK it may have started around the time I installed DC++, its a P2P sharing program. I have since then uninstalled it. The problem is that, I have cable. And before I had great speeds, ranging from 120kbs to 300kbs even up to 2.1mbs . But since the problem started, my speed has allways started out from 300 or somewhere around there, then immediately slows down to 60kbs all the way down to 44kbs and 36kbs. I cannot figure whats wrong, I swapped the network card, but it was not the problem. I'm guessing its something in the registry, but I wouldnt know. Please help, it's very troubling.

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ive had spyware removal stuff. but nothing has reallly helped.

The problem might not be with your computer. Do you have any other machines on your network with which you can test your connectivity speeds?

In other words, the problem could be "upstream"- check with your ISP and/or cable company to see if they know of anything that might be causing slowdowns on your branch of their service.

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