I've ben googling this question for some time now and your website keeps poping up so I'll ask the question and I hope someone can help...

My computer is not allowing me to open links how can I disable this? I try to open a link to say target and I nothing happends.

Thanks for your help!!!!

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I moved this to Troubleshooting Web Browsers.

Hi nando2006, welcome to Daniweb :)

To begin with, please tell us:

* The web browser you're using (IE, Firefox, etc.)
* The exact version of Windows you're using.
* Try to describe the problem in more detail:
- Is it all links that exhibit the problem?
- If it's only some links, do they have anything in common?
- When did this problem start to occur?
- Had any changes at all been made to the computer around the time the problem started to occur?
* Are you using any 3rd-party software (the Google or Yahoo Toolbars, for example) which might be interfering with your browser's normal operation.

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