I am trying to schedule a task using the Windows Task Scheduler but what I see is that the task performs fine in windows XP OS while the same task fails in Win2000 server OS. Basically I am trying to run a batch.file. It runs manually in the Win2000 server OS but when I schedule as a task it fails . It shows an exit code of (1).

Is there any difference in scheduling task in Wind XP and Win2k for scheduling batch files.

Thanks in advance

Are you sure you're running the task with proper credentials? XP, as you know, requires a valid username/password to run the taask. I'm not too sure about Win2000, but I assume it's the same there too. Be sure to enter a valid username/password.

Thanks for the reply. As I have already mentioned I dont have problems with win XP the problem is with win 2k . And here also I have given username and password(admin access) too during scheduling the task.

Is there anything I am missing in Win2k set up for Window Schduled task. Please let me know.