Well I have looked through the boards and have seen similar problems, but most of the "fixes" have linked to the Service Pack 2 for XP. So that won't work for me since I am running Windows 98.

When I am surfing the internet, and I click a link that is on a page that will open in a new window, the page never loads, it just is an empty window that never shows anything except the toolbars and stuff. I have updated my IE 6.x, restored my defaults, I have no firewall or pop up blocker, and I even have right clicked and tried "open in new window." Nothing will work. Everytime I want to go to a certain link, I have to copy and paste the link into the search bar.

Is there any way to fix this? I am running Windows 98, and I have the latest version of IE 6.


If you still have the problem after working through ALL of the suggestions in that article, then I'd consider you have only two alternatives available to you:

* Work through the suggestions in the "Helping Yourself...." topic in our Security Forum section, to detect and remove ay spyware and other malware intrusions.
* Reinstall your OS.